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Heavy Duty water hose 25 foot X 3 hoses and 50 foot X 2 hoses

Battery Powered tool set (saw, drill, nail gun, grinder)

Hand tools (deep socket set, allen wrench set, screw driver set, drill
set, hammer)
Tool Box with Lock
Seeds all variety
Potting Soil or Mushroom Compost
Bungee Cords all sizes

Truck load of good soil
Raised Beds
Benches X 2
Picnic Tables X 4
Solar Panel Yard Lights X 10 lights
Snow Shovel X 2

Push Broom to remove snow from top of greenhouses X 2
Straw Bales- 30+ bales
Drip/ humidity control system for greenhouses
Add another water spigot on the RE-1 site.

Growing Life Garden Program

  • The Huerfano-Las Animas Counties Early Childhood Council improves the quality of early learning environments to prepare young children to enter kindergarten; build the resources and skills of families; ensure that families have access to social, physical, and mental health services; and deliver resources to increase the effectiveness of early childhood professionals.

    We have a unique role within our communities to serve as an early
    childhood hub for partners, providers, caregivers, policymakers, and
    business leaders to coordinate, collaborate, and align resources.
    Effectively, we “connect the dots” to create a seamless early childhood system that improves access to high quality services and supports for young children and their families in Colorado.
    On of our many programs, The Growing Life Garden Program was created by kids for kids. Today we have 17 different garden sites working with over 500 participants in Huerfano and Las Animas Counties. Our foundation is built on teaching youth life skills, healthy eating, mindfulness and assisting with food insecurities. Children have the opportunity to learn about STEM, STEAM, agriculture, repurpose items in the garden, grow and harvest fresh herbs and vegetables throughout the year,

    Learn more on our website:

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