Sector Partnership Placemaking & Signage Committee

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Sample of a Spring theme: 

Entry from Michelle Tschetter from Zooma Design & Bob Kennemer

Email your designs to: Bailee at at

The Sector Partnership Placemaking & Signage Committee is looking for creative visual artists to design light pole flags which will hang in the communities of Walsenburg, Cuchara, La Veta and Gardner.


We are looking for 4 separate designs with a cohesive theme which we will print on banners and hang in the communities throughout the seasons. The categories for design are Spring, Summer and Fall.


Each design set should reflect the community they will hang in, and also carry a similar style and theme to tie the visual aspects together.

The designs should be at least 10” wide by 21” tall at 300 dpi (for digital submissions). Deadline for entry is October 30.

There will be a presentation of entries at the Museum of Friends in Walsenburg from November 6 to November 14 (On the days of Tues-Sat., 10-4PM) Voting will also be online at:


Winners will be selected for each category of Spring, Summer and Fall by November 16, and will be awarded a prize of $500.


If you have questions or need further information, email Bailee at

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