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We are asking for $2000 in donations for several exterior repairs and improvements.

1. We need to cover our back side. The WMM sign does not have a back side and the visible front side and posts need repair.

2. The authentic coal car donated by the John G. Bechaver Family needs a new bottom and reinforcement. The original coal had to be removed from the car due to theft. Rocks painted black now fill the car. They are extremely heavy and a reinforced bottom is necessary.

3. Our family of mannequins need repair and/or replacement. We would like to replace several of the mannequins that have been stuffed with newspaper since 1989. Our friendly mascot in the upstairs window has never had a bottom. We'd like to replace him and maybe even feature a contest to give him a name.

Thank you for your support. Do come see us next summer. We are open May - September.

Walsenburg Mining Museum

  • Visitors to the Walsenburg Mining Museum really enjoy getting locked up. Our cell block with original iron jail doors may be the best "selfie" spot in downtown Walsenburg. Interest in the historic 1896 jail house continues to grow as photo displays accompanied with docent stories of infamous lawmen and foiled jail breaks are being collected. Visitors are claiming the WMM is a "jewel of a museum". We record history with photographs, mining equipment in a mine shaft, a tent representing life in a tent colony, an art collection depicting men and families from mining camps, the historic jail, and the influence of the railroad to the mining industry. Plus, we have plenty of room to lock up the kids. While the museum's main objective remains to remember and honor the coal miners and their families, our contents, as with everything now days, has grown and we now include much more for our visitors. This year the photo collection in the Ludlow Room was improved and expanded thanks to generous donations from the 2021 nonprofit auction. A new collection was installed in the cell block featuring the railroad and the importance it played during the coal era. Train photos from the camps, surrounding area, and downtown depots are viewed among antique toys train and other memorabilia... visitors even have an opportunity to try sending a Morse code message...--.--... We thank all our generous donors for their generosity and support. The museum continues to operate with a volunteer staff. Our small but dedicated group are already looking forward to our May opening. If you wish to have a private tour, John VanKuren at the Huerfano County Heritage Center can make arrangements.

  • Dianne W. Hanisch 


    P.O. Box 134, Walsenburg, Co. 81089


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