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Walsenburg Downtown Revitalization Committee

We are replacing all of the old planters with new flower boxes along Main St! We are working closely with Museum of Friends and local designers and fabricators to design artistic and locally inspired boxes that will stand tall enough for flowers to be seen from the street and enjoyed from the sidewalks! We will need to fill the boxes with gravel, sand, and soil before planting. We estimate we will need about 50lbs of gravel per planter, which should total $280.00. Each planter will need about 4 cubic feet of soil per planter, or 25lbs, totalling about $600. Additionally, we will need funds for the flowers themselves (including the hanging baskets along main street). In years past, we spent about $800 for flowers, so we expect the cost to be about the same. All together, we are asking for $1,700.00 for our 2023 Downtown Flower Project. Thank you for supporting the beautification of Downtown Walsenburg!

Walsenburg Downtown Revitalization Committee

  • WDRC has the mission of making Downtown Walsenburg Vital and Attractive, by Revitalizing our city's look and visual culture. Restoring pride in our natural beauty, while creating a more attractive product for our Downtown Business Development pursuits, this is our Committee's objective.

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  • Aubrey Lykins


    PO Box #46 Walsenburg, CO. 81089

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