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Two Peaks Fitness is coming to Walsenburg! The fitness center at 611 Main St will be opening January 2, 2024 - a collaboration between Two Peaks Fitness, Huerfano County, and the Huerfano Parks & Recreation District. Please help us meet our goal of $10,000 to continue to build our state of the art facility. We still need equipment to support the successful opening of the Walsenburg facility. Please help us make the Walsenburg gym a success!



Two Peaks Fitness is the ONLY non-profit fitness center in Huerfano County.  Please help us to continue to promote the physical well-being of your community!


Many Thanks!

Two Peaks Fitness

  • Our Mission is to meet the physical well-being needs of our community by providing access to an active lifestyle through a variety of programs, venues, and activities, with each individual's wellness goals in mind.

    Our values dictate that we will be fair and honest and treat each individual as we expect to be treated.

    Learn more at our website,

  • Kerrie Meyler, President & Chair


    PO Box 905, La Veta, CO 81055

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