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We are looking for funds to purchase high quality bicycle helmets for kiddos K-5. We also purchase stickers, coloring pages, pencils, and bookmarks etc. promoting bicycle safety. To help any member of La Veta and surrounding communities, we are in need of funds to purchase bicycle tubes, tires, chains, cables, and other bicycle parts to repair as many bicycles as we can.


Spanish Peaks Cycling Association

  • Spanish Peaks Cycling provides educational activities related to cycling and cycling safety in the La Veta elementary school system holding a bicycle rodeo and safety talk at least once a year. We also work with elementary school teachers to provide a bicycle helmet for any kiddo who needs it. A well maintained bike is a safe bike. To help promote bicycle safety for all ages, Spanish Peaks Cycling holds bike repair clinics at the La Veta public library 2-3 times a year. We fix anyone's bike for free.

    Learn more at our website,

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