SHOL is primarily self-funded through monies from local government donations and grants. SHOL receives no ongoing state or federal funds. Currently SHOL is managed by a volunteer board of directors, however, there is a long term goal to generate enough funding to hire a small part time staff so as to grow the organization. Our immediate needs are three fold:

1.     Funds to print and distribute newly developed promotional materials - $2,000.00

2.      Develop and create additional interpretive/wayfinding signage for every community along the highway - $8,000.00

3.     Begin a seed fund for larger projects to be used as a match for local, state, federal, and private grants - $10,000.00


SHOL could also use at least one more board member and several volunteers!


Auction Items

·       Three guided auto tours around the scenic highway for up to four people. This half day tour includes transportation, lunch, and a professional guide. Several stops will be made to visit historic sites, shops, and natural areas. The guide will overview the unique world class geology of the SHOL along with history, flora, and fauna. Value: $500.00.

·       Three guided nature hikes at key sites along the SHOL, by a local professional naturalist and guide. Learn about history, wildlife, ethnobotany, mushrooms, geology and more. Up to four participants on each three hour hike. Value: $400.00.

Scenic Highway of Legends

  • The Scenic Highway of Legends (SHOL) has been an integral part of Huerfano and Las Animas County’s tourism for more than 30 years. It was announced on February 16, 2021, that The Scenic Highway of Legends was one of 34 new designations selected by the Secretary of Transportation to be designated a federal scenic byway.

    America’s Byways are a distinctive collection of American roads that demonstrate certain unique, intrinsic qualities identified as archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational and/or scenic. To be awarded as one of America’s Byways, a byway must demonstrate that it is more than a scenic drive. It must be regionally unique in one or more of those six intrinsic areas, have a unique story, be a hidden gem.  In addition to providing exploration opportunities for travelers, this designation brings increased awareness and additional economic benefits to the region.

    In a report released in 2016 by the Colorado Department of Transportation, The Scenic Highway of Legends was found to have generated a cumulative benefit to the regional economy of nearly $180 Million over a 5- year time frome, making it an important asset for economic development.   

    “The National Scenic Byways Program brings new jobs, tourism and other benefits to communities along these scenic roads, which are often located in parts of the country where such resources are desperately needed and harder to come by,” says Scenic America president, Mark Falzone.