Panadero Ski Corporation (PSC) is a 501 (c) 3 and is responsible for restoring the ski lift within the 50 acre County-owned Parker Fitzgerald Cuchara Mountain Park (CMP). This has been a 3-year volunteer effort so far and has relied completely on public donations. Our heartfelt thanks to the many generous donors that want to see lift-served year round recreation at the park. Despite numerous delays due to Covid and fewer donations over the last year, the lift is expected to complete Colorado Tram Board Inspection & approval for operation early in 2022. 

A $500 donation still sponsors a lift chair. Any amount helps though! Checks can be sent to PSC, 137 Cuchara Ave. E, Cuchara, CO 81055 Attn. Mike Moore – Treasurer.

We welcome new Board of Director members, volunteers for various projects such as clearing debris and new growth on existing trails, painting/refurbishing equipment and general maintenance. We will soon welcome a concessionaire that will hire locally and operate the lift and indeed the entire park going forward. Appointment of a concessionaire was called for in the CMP Master Plan and is required by the County. The concessionaire will enable the safe and effective management of activities at the park that cannot be sustained in the future on donations alone. 

Please contact us at 719-332-0170 or 719.742.5169, email to to learn how to volunteer. We hope to have these projects completed by fall 2022.

Panadero Ski Corporation

  • Operating the ski lift will provide affordable conveyance up the mountainside for year round recreation. PSC will have a strong focus on attracting youth from across Huerfano and surrounding counties to enjoy skiing, snow-shoeing, mountain biking and other activities. PSC will employ local workers to operate the lift and supporting park infrastructure. 

    Local businesses will benefit from additional visitors to the Cuchara Mountain Park and the PSC facility. Visitors will need places to stay, eat and shop while here.  Please continue to donate to help make Panadero Ski Corp. succeed. 

    Learn more about PSC at our Facebook page: