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We are always in need of the following items or financial help to acquire said items: Feeds: Horse quality straight grass hay, feeds (pig, duck, rabbit, chicken, cracked corn, scratch grains, all stock minerals), feed pans, feed troughs, water troughs. Materials: fencing materials, panels, gates, fence sections, runs, metal and wooden posts, plywood, sheet metal, shavings, straw, cement pavers, road grade base dirt for our incredibly bad unmaintained County Road. Other items: enrichment items, children's play houses, children's play sets grooming/shearing/hoof trimming equipment, a reliable 4x4 truck, a tractor/backup, towels/blankets, crates/carriers, equipment/livestock trailers, leashes/harnesses/halters/leads, tools, tape, roap, straps, tie-downs, ratchet straps, stands/stanchions, sheds, outbuilding, storage containers and any used or new farm/animal/pet related items. Sponsorship opportunities are available in various ways from individual animal sponsors to corporate level sponsorships. Please contact us if you or your business might be interested.


Mountain View Sanctuary

  • Mountain View Sanctuary Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit organization animal sanctuary nestled upon a mountain in Walsenburg CO. We provide lifelong care to neglected, disabled, special needs, at risk, rehomed and rescued animals in need. We've been serving Huerfano County, Colorado and the surrounding towns/states since 2016. The support from the community has been amazing and is an integral part of what keeps our organization going and our mission to save animals a possibility. It's thanks to you that we're able to continue our life saving work. Thank you for your continued support.

  • Deidra Fellers
    719-470-0449 or 361-484-7701

    Mountain View Sanctuary
    PO Box 1105,
    Walsenburg, CO 81089

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