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Monthly Sponsorships for Huerfano County resident pet services, Monthly Sponsorships for Feral Cats, Donations and volunteers for annual mobile vet clinic event that LHAWA sponsors

Los Huerfanos Animal Welfare Association

  • Animal Welfare Association (LHAWA) LHAWA is a non-profit 501c3 entity that was created to enhance the care and living conditions of domestic animals within Huerfano County. Our main emphasis is on population control, disease prevention, future adoption-based programs, support of the local animal control or shelters, and the education of the community on animal care issues. LHAWA is organized exclusively for charitable and education purposes to be able to provide Huerfano County residents with reduced spay, neuter, vaccinations, and microchips to our local cat and dog populations.

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  • Ashley Schrauth or Glynis Plant


    PO Box #8 Walsenburg, CO 81089 

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