Please help complete construction of our assisted living residence for the Huerfano County area by contributing to our 2021-22 capital campaign. We must raise $450,000 locally, which is 12% of the project cost. The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) is providing the remainder of the funding through loans and a grant. We have set fundraising targets, and our progress to date is as follows: 


  • Individuals (including memorial donations): Target of $100,000; achieved 87% 

  • Local and Regional Businesses: Target of $100,000; achieved 20%

  • County and Towns: Target of $50,000; achieved 30% (preliminary commitment for 2022 from Huerfano County of an additional 44%)

  • Foundations: Target of $200,000; achieved 85% (additional 10% -- grant proposals outstanding)

We appreciate donations of any size or amount, and also will need in-kind contributions in early 2022, such as arts and crafts supplies. 


We have opportunies for businesses or families (including memorial gifts) to sponsor a room or major piece of furniture as follows: 


  • $30,000: Dining Room

  • $20,000: Music/Library Room

  • $15,000: Resident Suite

  • $10,000: Office or Patio

  • $  5,0