The mission of the La Veta Creative District (LVCD) is to inspire and cultivate our diverse rural community through the development of the arts and creative industries. 


We need monetary support for the following, 

  • $500 for insurance to occupy the La Veta Tourist Center during 2021

  • $250 to purchase branded merchandise for fundraising

  • $250 to expand website pages and content

  • $100 to purchase supplies to start a Zine project in collaboration with the La Veta Public Library and the La Veta Schools


A donation of $100 will receive a painted bluebird nest box. Select pictures above. First come first serve! 


A donation of $300 (or the top bid by December 11th) will receive a photograph on canvas by Heather Curtis. Approximately 6'x2'. Limit 1! 



Please contact us at 719-742-3059 or email us at to collect your nest boxes.

La Veta Creative District

  • The La Veta Creative District (LVCD) was formed in late 2019 as a Colorado non-profit corporation. The application process to become a certified Colorado Creative District has been pushed back until at least January 2021. In the meantime, the Board of Directors is working to establish our strategic plan and milestone goals, develop a viable operational method, create new art-related programming, and determine how best to nurture the La Veta Creative Community. The LVCD created a Spring 2020 Arts Award of $250, which went to Cailee Sanchez in recognition of her creative talent and scholastic achievement. Lena Noordik received $50 as the runner-up. All arts-focused 2020 La Veta Junior-Senior High School graduating seniors pursuing an arts-focused secondary education were eligible to apply. 

    The LVCD has selected its logo (designed by Jill Schwarz) and is now working on its Strategic Plan.  

    The LVCD recently launched its website: There is a form on the website to submit if you would like to become involved.

    Find us on Facebook at: 

  • Susan Hanneman


    PO Box 1013, La Veta, CO 81055