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John Mall Travel Club

John Mall Travel Club hopes to raise funds for expenses that aren't covered by Educational Tours for our trips abroad, this includes: tipping for tour guides, transportation, and meals. In addition, we would like to raise enough funds to help our students pay for their trip. These trips are more than an experience, some students are taking the opportunity to receive college credit through their tour. Travel Club intends on traveling every summer with students abroad to further their cultural education.


The video displayed is not of our students but of other students that went on the trip and what our students are to expect.

John Mall Travel Club

  • Our mission is to provide students an opportunity to see the world outside of our small town. Travel can broaden horizons and evolve perceptions of the world and what it has to offer. We aim to show students that the world is at their disposal.

  • Lisa Lane


    John Mall Jr/Sr High School

    355 W Pine St.

    Walsenburg, CO 81089

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