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Huerfano RE-1 Schools Foundation

  • The Foundation’s purpose is to promote and support education and wellbeing in the community and Huerfano RE-1 Schools.  We strive to give our students a chance to learn and take part in free activities.  We help our community in need.

    We are developing a new athletic program.  Our goal is to make activities free for youth.  Allowing the youth to participate locally rather than travel over 40 miles to participate in certain leagues.  

    For our high school students, we are developing a program that will help in career matters.  Not only getting ready for careers, but allowing students to achieve goals in higher education. We have a student committee that conducts help with our events.

    We offer students community hours in all our events.  We donate to various clubs, teams and events in the Huerfano Community.  We are always looking for volunteers.  People wanting to make a change!