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Huerfano County Historical Society

We are converting the historic granary building behind the Huerfano Heritage Center at 114 W. 6th St. into archival storage, necessary because our current facility is not large enough to house our extensive document collections (historical county records dating to territorial days, historic newspapers, private collections that have been donated and more.) Previous funds donated by the SPBA have allowed us to repair the deteriorating foundation and the roof. We have recently cleaned out the full basement and found it to be ideal for archival storage, with an intact concrete floor and walls and low humidity, as it was originally constructed to store grain. Currently the basement is only accessible by a trapdoor and a vertical wood ladder. We would like to change this into a stairway. It is clear that a stairway was intended when the building was first constructed, so this should be a relatively simple conversion. We estimate the cost of materials and labor to be about $2000. Some patchwork is needed in the corner of one wall. Estimated cost of materials and labor patch is about $500. We can e-mail photos of the proposed work. Any funding we can receive to facilitate this goal would be greatly appreciated.

Huerfano County Historical Society

  • To preserve and present the history of Huerfano County and its residents.

  • John Van Keuren


    P.O. Box 3 Walsenburg,CO 81089

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