In 2016, the San Isabel Electric Association donated two buildings to the Huerfano County Historical Society (HCHS). San Isabel’s former Appliance Store became the Huerfano Heritage Center, after being renovated by HCHS.


The second building in the donation was a two story brick granary immediately behind the Heritage Center, which was once owned and operated by Fred Walsen, the first mayor of Walsenburg. 


Due to continued donations from a variety of sources, the amount of historically significant materials archived at the Huerfano Heritage Center continues to grow, reducing our limited exhibit and meeting space. In response we have begun renovating the Walsen Granary to serve as additional archival space. 


A grant for renovation obtained by past HCHS President Sharon Vezzani, initiated restoration of the granary, beginning with reinforcing the foundation of the building and repairing the aging brickwork (see photos courtesy of John Van Keuran, Director, Huerfano Heritage Center). 

Our next renovation priorities are to purchase new windows and do roof repairs to protect archived materials from dust and water damage.


 Estimated costs: Windows $500, Roof repair $1,000


We are asking for a total of $1,500 to complete this phase of the project.

Huerfano County Historical Society

  • The Huerfano County Historical Society, founded in 1959, is a service organization dedicated to preserving and sharing Huerfano County’s history. The Historical Society focuses on locating and archiving historical artifacts and records of life in Huerfano County throughout its history, including an extensive collection of local newspapers dating to 1890, hundreds of historical photographs, maps, antique appliances, brand books representing ranching, a significant regional industry, as well as furniture and personal items belonging to rancher and philanthropist Alton M. Tirey, a lifelong Huerfano County resident. These materials are maintained and selectively displayed at the Huerfano Heritage Center located at 114 West 6th Street in Walsenburg.

    Because the COVID-19 pandemic forced closure of the Heritage Center, we are actively sharing Huerfano County History through the Huerfano Heritage Center’s Facebook page.

    For more information, please visit us at


  • Manuel Molles, President


    PO Box 682, La Veta, CO 81055