Lodging for guest artists, educators and/or performers:

  • As we bring quality presenters to our county, it would help to entice if we were able to offer free lodging as an incentive to traveling to our area
  • We will have several events already planned for 2022 that will hopefully attract out of area presenters (Native American Memorial Day Fiber Festival June 25th (partner with Francisco Fort) Huajatolla Heritage Festival/Francisco Fort Days July 30th & more...)
  • Honorarium for community elders in teaching/sharing roles
    • I would like to be able to offer a $50 honorarium to elders that participate as the lead presenter in any scheduled event. (The donor could be acknowledged or remain anonymous). I have a tentative list of a minimum of 12 events
    • Sponsor pop-up museum events. This is an exciting concept where a topic is chosen that can vary from historical perspective to favorite recipes. We hope to capture these on video as we paint a picture of our county. (Again, the donor could be acknowledged or remain anonymous).  Two possible ways to support:
      • Support event and videographer
      • Provide thumb drives so that these sharings could be recorded and shared with the participants as a historical record
      • We hope to have a minimum of 6 pop-up museum events in 2022
    • Help sponsor a monthly honoring for “Huerfano Treasures”.  A program to single out and honor an elder in our community each month by sharing their stories and providing them with framed document and a small gift card or perhaps stipend to help with utilities (would ask SIEA for match)
    • New color printer for flyers and handouts. Our current printer is 8+ years old and the poor old workhorse is getting cranky. Just like me!


Huajatolla Heritage Foundation

  • Accomplish this by promoting the preservation of Colorado heritage through the exploration and sharing of culture, language, art, and spiritual beliefs.

    Provide learning opportunities to facilitate cross-cultural sharing   seeking to improve understanding and deepen appreciation for all peoples’ values, perspective, culture, and history while increasing the understanding of diversity and similarities between different cultures.

    Serve as an economic driver in one of the poorest counties in Colorado through the clean industry of increased visitor participation in learning of our rich cultural heritage. Our activities will take place throughout Huerfano County.

    Focus to recognize and honor the immense contributions of the elders of our community as well as empower youth through opportunities to participate in cross cultural sharing and resulting pride in personal heritage.

  • Sandy Dolak



    PO Box 194. La Veta, CO 81055

    Hhfoundation.orgSandy Dolak719-251-1271sandy@dolak.bizPO Box 194. La Veta, CO 81055Hhfoundation.org