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Huajatolla Heritage Foundation

Covid turned out to be a financial blessing as we received two Covid related grants, a Colorado Humanities Economic Recovery Grant for $25,000 and a Covid Artists Relief Fund Grant for $10,000 that allowed so many great things to happen. That was the good news, the bad news was those were only one time funding opportunities and will not be available this year. Grants to Colorado Creative Industries (Arts in Society) and El Pomar have been applied for. Other grants are being researched. Last year we presented and/or partnered for more than 50 events in Huerfano County. Grant funding and community support made this possible. We are requesting grant funding for partial compensation for a program coordinator, for honorariums for artists and educators, and a modest amount for supplies to continue art programs for elders.


Depending on funding levels, we would also like to have the capability of recording and/or live streaming some of the quality programs we present. We will continue with our focus on honoring the Native American and Hispano populations through Art, Education and Presentation. As we feel much of our traditions and heritage will be lost if we do not engage the elders in our communities to participate in programing—the wisdom keepers must become the wisdom sharers—we will continue to target this valuable population.

Dollars make the world go round—but it is people that keep the wheels on the bus so we can make the trip. Not wanting to appear greedy, but Huajatolla Heritage Foundation really needs some other type of capital….the most valuable of all PEOPLE CAPITAL. Would you be interested in taking a leadership role? Or being on our Board? Or being a helper at our events? (Would you believe we were part of more than 60 events in Huerfano County in 2022?) Been here for generations? We need you to help us honor the history and the heritage. New kid in town? We need you to help shape the future in a positive direction. Being true to our byline of promoting cultural equity…anyone who wants to be part of our organization would be welcomed!

Huajatolla Heritage Foundation

  • The Huajatolla Heritage Foundation, founded in 2018, is a 501 C 3 based in Huerfano County. The Foundation was founded as a platform to recognize and promote cultural equity in Huerfano County; our organization focuses on the arts to weave together the rich tapestry of cultures and stories that will create a lasting legacy of our area. We will continue our relationship with libraries, museums, other organizations, and schools to create projects of the people. To recognize the importance and diversity of the people of Huerfano County and the myriad of cultural contributions is the foundation upon which a respectful society is built. This is long overdue in Huerfano County. Thanks to
    generous funding and important collaborations we have become a vital contributor not only in honoring the rich history of Huerfano County, but also presenting programs and events that contribute to the economy of our county.

  • Sandy Dolak


    PO Box 194. La Veta, CO 81055

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