Any contribution is greatly appreciated.  We are in our first semester as a brand new charter school, building upon the strong Gardner tradition of caring education.


  • Financial donations for the following:

    • Preschool capacity expansion ($17,000)

    • Art and music instruction ($3,000)

    • Playground equipment upgrade ($5,000)

    • Plants and supplies for greenhouse project ($1,000)


  • Supplies, tools and equipment for our maker-space workshop in support of our project-based learning model (any donations of gently used or new are hugely helpful)

  • Agriculture and environment expertise for community involvement in our project-based learning model (community members who can contribute time, energy and expertise in hours, days or throughout the year)

Gardner Valley School Charter

  • The vision of Gardner Valley School is to foster creative, happy, healthy students who are both thinkers and doers, actively contributing to their communities and the world.  At GVS, children develop into well-rounded socially, emotionally and physically intelligent learners, growing their creativity, critical thinking and craftsmanship through engagement with their local communities and the world.  The mission of the Gardner Valley School charter is to provide an educational program focused on agriculture and environment in a small caring dedicated school community as unique as the rural surroundings in which we live. 


  • Jody Medina


    PO Box  181, Gardner, CO 81040