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We all agree that learning happens far beyond the classroom. In line with our Vision of developing students through engagement with their local community and the world, we are striving to develop transportation services which will expand their opportunities to get out into both! During the summer of 2022, GVS was able to purchase our own bus and hire our own driver to ensure that transportation would be provided to and from school for our Walsenburg families. This was a huge achievement for the school and just the beginning of our plan to expand transportation services to better serve all our students and families. Ideally, the school would also like to purchase passenger vans to accommodate local routes, field trips, and extracurricular activities. Thank you for your support, Gardner School Foundation

Gardner Valley School Charter

  • Gardner Valley School provides an educational program focused on agriculture and environment in a small caring dedicated school community as unique as the rural surroundings in which we live.Gardner Valley School fosters creative, happy, healthy students who are both thinkers and doers, actively contributing to their community and the world. At GVS, children develop into well-rounded socially, emotionally and physically intelligent learners, growing their creativity, critical thinking and craftsmanship through engagement with their local communities and the world.

  • Amanda Salas


    PO Box  181, Gardner, CO 81040

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