With moving down to Walsenburg we see the need to help with the shelter as it is small and under funded. To date we have helped with close to 30 dogs in the 2 months we have been down here. Setting up kennels on our property to help with more dogs to include holding them until an owner can be found. 

Dog houses, outside kennels, chain link fence, sponsorship of shots and vetting through local vets would be appreciated. 

FFTF Cats wish list: 

Cat and kitten fosters 

Sponsor a cat or kitten for spay/neuter package 

Scoopable Litter 

Kitten wet and dry food 

Adult wet and dry food 

Proviable or Forti Flora Probiotics 

Churro or Tiki cat or Delectable squeeze up treats 

Cat toys/games/beds

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