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With moving down to Walsenburg we see the need to help with the shelter as it is small and under funded. To date we have helped with close to 100 dogs and cats in huerfano county. Setting up kennels on our property to help with more dogs to include holding them until an owner can be found. 

Dog houses, outside kennels, chain link fence, sponsorship of shots and vetting through local vets would be appreciated.  We also have the need to trap some animals that are running around out herein the county we need traps and trail cameras. 

FFTF wish list: 

Cat and kitten, puppy and dog fosters 

Sponsor a cat or dog for spay/neuter package 

Puppy formula, Goats milk and feeding bottles

Kitten and Cat wet and dry food

Cat probiotics and Terramycin ointment

Scoopable cat litter


From Forgotten to Forever Rescue

  • From Forgotten to Forever Rescue & Transport started in 2015 with a mission of transporting dogs and cats out of high kill shelters in New Mexico north to Colorado. The transport side of the operation is responsible for assisting dozens of rescues in rescuing thousands of animals from Death Row over the years. In August of 2018, the rescue operation opened and since then has been responsible for the creation of hundreds of happy families through direct placement adoptions and expanded intake areas to include parts of Texas and remote areas of Colorado. Since moving to Huerfano county we have been the biggest puller from the Walsenburg shelter. We have helped trap stray dogs, check for possible owners and when that doesn't pan out vet and find a home for the dog. FFTF accepts all breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs and cats. We do not shy away from major medical cases and have invested thousands of dollars into saving the life of a single dog or cat on more than one occasion.

  • Maurcedes Cordova


    657 Calle la Sierra Blanca Drive, Walsenburg, CO 81089

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