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Francisco Fort through the Town of La Veta has submitted and received a State Historical Preservation Grant (SHP) for continued research into the prehistoric hearth that was found this past summer ( June 13, 2022 ) outside the East Wing in Francisco Fort Plaza. Pottery, Bison bones and other animal jaws and bones were found in the hearth. The grant will provide carbon dating, some shovel testing and other work to give us more direction about the site and to see if additional excavation is warranted. There is great interest at the State about this find and what it can tell us about the early people’s of this valley. It is the hope of the Francisco Fort Museum Board that the community would be involved in any excavations going forward as part of an active dig. The grant requires a match of $4,993. Private and foundation funds are being sought for this amount. Any funds received through this request will be used as match for the SHP Grant.

Francisco Fort Museum

  • Francisco Fort Museum was established in 1958 utilizing the original adobe structure that was Francisco Fort Plaza, a fortified trading post, built when the area was still a territory in 1862. The Town of La Veta grew up around the Plaza and today the Museum boasts eight historic structures that house the historic artifacts of Huerfano County. Francisco Fort is the only original adobe fort still standing in Colorado. The Museum is supported by the residents of La Veta. Exhibits include information and artifacts on the Ute, Jicarilla Apache and Comanche Nations, Hispano and Anglo settlers and the rich history of ranching, mining and other industry that built Huerfano County.. A number of events and activities are held throughout the year and educational outreach is a prime objective. The find of the prehistoric hearth in the Plaza is a reminder that there is still much to learn about the history of Huerfano County.

  • Anne Stattelman, Director


    PO Box 263, La Veta, CO 81055

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