The Fox Theatre was awarded a $200,000 grant from DOLA. We have to match those funds with another $200,000. We were awarded $50,000 from the State Historic Fund and $10,000 from the Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation. We've requested another $100,000 from two other foundations. 


We need cash. 

WE need cash to unlock the DOLA grant. 


WE received $25,000 from resident and philanthropist George Birrer to purchase the empty lot next to the theatre, but if needed, he has permitted us to move the funds into this project.


Our goal is $30,000 cash. We have to raise these funds by July 2021, or we will lose the DOLA grant. 


Any monetary donations help!



Our board members are committed and work well together. However, they have all extended their time on the board. Therefore, we are looking for fresh recruits. Board service is minimal; however, we are trying to raise a lot of money, so folks who are connected and enjoy fundraising would be a perfect fit!


Please contact us at 719-890-4292 or email us at to learn more about volunteer opporutnities. 

Fox Theatre Walsenburg

  • Our mission is to foster, promote, and increase the public knowledge and appreciation of the arts and cultural activities in Southern Colorado. Our programs include weekend movies, a movie club, theatre rentals, and live performances. 

    In 2017 our historic theatre celebrates 100 years. We revitalized the building by restoring all the neon and whiteboard on our marquee, painting our east facade, and purchasing a state-of-the-art laser projector. In 2018 we received a grant from History Colorado to complete a historic structure assessment. We signed a contract with the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning to develop a design plan for the theatre. In 2019 we completed the design plan with UC Denver. 

    We accomplished our mission by serving nearly 7000 patrons at our programs in 2019. Our volunteers gave almost 2000 hours of their time to help us complete our mission. 

    Learn more at our website,