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Dorcas Circle Food Bank and Clothing Pantry

Dorcas Circle will be purchasing it's building in December of 2022. This fantastic accomplishment opens many doors for the organization, and we hope to maintain the momentum we have built in 2022 into the new year. We plan to make improvements to the building over the next year to even better suit the community's needs. Our improvement priorities include replacing the gutters, updating the flooring in the food bank, and installing a walk-in fridge. We are always looking for community buy-in to our programing in the form of sponsorships, donations and volunteering. Donations to this fundraiser will be put towards the building improvements listed above. We always encourage community members to reach out with any ideas for collaboration or support for our programming.

Dorcas Circle Food Bank and Clothing Pantry

  • Dorcas Circle serves Huerfano County by providing free services to both residential and transient populations.

  • Josie Boynton


    911 Main St., Walsenburg, CO 81089

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