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Playground Maintenance in Cuchara, $900
Tennis Court Maintenance in Cuchara
Sponsor a luncheon for members and invited guests, $1250
Sponsor portable toilets near playground in Cuchara, $200
Mowing Parkway $200 x 3 times in the summer
Supplies for reseeding Farley Overlook, $1000
Postage for membership renewals
Printing costs for notecards ($600), framed prints, fridge magnets, calendars ($1300) and directories, ($1100)
Supplies for picking up trash along Hwy 12

Cuchara Hermosa

  • Our mission is to beautify the Cuchara Valley and to provide gatherings for residents in the Valley during the summer months.

  • Lynette Jensen
    665 Ponderosa Rd., La Veta, CO. 81055

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