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The Cuchara Foundation is looking for donations to support the Cuchara Welcome Center, which will be located in the Cuchara Village. The welcome center will be a small kiosk with historical and cultural artifacts from the Cuchara Valley. It will also include operating hours for local businesses and a listing of different service and government organizations and how they support the community. The Cuchara Welcome Center will have an online component that will feature local histories of the area, including oral histories and other digitized artifacts from indigenous peoples, the Cuchara Camp families, the Panadero-then-Cuchara Ski Resort, and other important historical events. The Cuchara Foundation hopes to launch the Cuchara Welcome Center by the summer of 2023. The Cuchara Foundation is not only looking for donations to buy the kiosk and iPads for the welcome center, it is also looking to speak with Cuchara Camp families or other longstanding families in the area; connect with indigenous peoples to help tell their story; and interview those who worked or played at the ski resort. We are also looking to digitize physical objects related to the history and culture of the area.

Cuchara Foundation

  • The mission of the Cuchara Foundation is to honor its history, respect the environment, and support opportunities to learn and have fun in the Cuchara Valley.

  • Tracey McCormick, President


    PO Box 316, La Veta, CO 81055

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