Through a partnership with the National Cybersecurity Center ( have the opportunity to pay a trained intern to run the daily business of the office and offer quality, certified training sessions.  This intern would be a college student, actively seeking a degree in cyber security, and would be paid through the generosity of donors. 


We feel that an entire summer internship would be covered with a $5000 grant.

C Cubed Training

  • here are only 10% of all the Cyber Security specialists needed in the US today.  Both the government and the private sector are hiring every candidate that meets the minimal qualifications.  We are providing the students to fill the “pipeline” towards these qualifications.  C Cubed offers free training and provides free internet to any student in the area.  Because we do not charge for any of our services, we are currently only open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  But we’d like to expand that by hiring an intern.  Additionally, due to the pandemic restrictions, we have expanded our services to provide distance learning to those who would like to learn but cannot be here in person.  Soon, we will begin to offer free, evening classes to the community at large to help them protect themselves from hackers and ransomware.

  • John Freeburg


    527 Main St., Walsenburg, CO 81089